News 2015

18.5.2015 15:16

Robert Tappert / MAIDAN

27.5. – 28.6.2015

The SND Drama foyer and hall, 3rd floor

Robert Tappert spent three months at Maidan, living in the occupied buildings, tents and at the barricades where he became acquainted and met up with the people of Maidan. He created an provisional atelier right in he centre of the events where he created portraits of the people standing in the front line in front of the barricades. This exhibition of large-scale portraits is to be opened by renowned Ukraine photographer Alexander Chekmenev.

Robert Tappart studied stage production at the The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and in Bratislava. During his studies he decided to take up photography and is currently a photographer for the Slovak Press Agency in Bratislava. His focus is on documentary, report and theatrical photography. His free creations mainly deal with documentary photography. His Maidan series earned him the 2014Slovak Press Photo award.

The exhibition is an accompanying event at the SND theatre festival.